About Historical Associates  

Historical Associates was founded out of a respect for and appreciation of military history, and, through our unique network of connections with veterans, military historical associations, and military history museums, we are able to insightfully research and discover specific and often-unknown aspects of this, our chosen field of endeavor. This work includes co-founding and ongoing support of the U.S. Marine Raider Museum at MCB Quantico and in past participation in the development of the National Museum of the Marine Corps, in a Board of Directors capacity.  
With considerable experience in the field of military small arms, and with concentration in the area of military knives, our primary research has resulted in the publication of two critically acclaimed books in this field, as well as two additional published books in the field of military history. Over 30 of our magazine feature articles have been published in military, military history and small arms magazine, both in the U.S. and abroad.  
This is true also concerning the U.S. Marine Raiders, as we are represented in the position of Prior-President of the U.S. Marine Raider Foundation and at the Board of Directors-Emeritus level within the U.S. Marine Raider Association. Our book, Our Kind of War*, officially authorized by the U.S. Marine Raider Association, is considered the definitive work on this, the first elite-force unit of World War II, which has recently been stood back up by the Commandant as the U.S. Marine Corps’ Marine Raider Regiment, based at Camp Lejeune, with ongoing, active combat duty in the War on Terror, with particular concentration in Afghanistan as well as the Pan-Africa region. The senior officer of Historical Associates is also the Co-Founder (1982) of the U.S. Marine Raider Museum, which won the McGruder Award from the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation for excellence in depiction of U.S. Marine Corps history, and he was active, at the Board of Directors level, in the founding of the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  
Our research is ongoing, and it will further manifest itself in additional publications and books in progress in the future in the noble field of military history.  
*The Raider book (and others) is available in the “Books” section of the website.